Thursday, February 25, 2010

Father-Son Farm Retreat!!

Hooray!! Chris and the boys are home. They worked so hard! Both boys grew taller while they were away. Their days were filled with working on the fence and school work. Their evenings were filled with Walton's DVD's and popcorn and chocolate! They visited two churches while there and made sure that Sunday's were a day to rest and recuperate for the week ahead. Here is a photo journal of their trip:

They arrived to see a winter wonderland.

They got out the Norwegian Spark right away!

Getting ready to work!

Exploring the property and enjoying the frozen creek!

A new wood stove to warm up after a hard day's work in the cold!

The tractor doing it's job! (Until it broke!)

Nice, tight goat fence line.
(Hope those goats stay in anyway!)

Christopher and Noah working on the fence.

Clearing a "road" for fence line.

Part of the clearing, looking back towards the house.

A sudden blizzard!!

One of the finished corners. (Closest to the house.)

The goat proof gate. (Near the house.)

I'm so impressed with Chris' corners!
They look very sturdy to me.

The fence through the clearing they made.
It looks so nice and straight.

Walking away from a job well done!!


Amy said...

Brrrrr, looks cold! It also looks like a lot of fun! So happy for you guys!

~Tonia said...

It looks GREAT! Beautiful fence! It makes me a little sad though.. We moved to that area when I was 4 yrs old and lived either in that house or with in 2 miles of it most of my life...
Dont get me wrong I love our house now!! I am SOOO happy some one who will apreciate it will live there now.. I think Phoebe the lady who her family built it and her son still owns the land across the road would be very happy to see the improvements you all have done already! that her house is still be lived in!! She was a sweet lady!
I will be happy when spring decides to show for good!!!

Heather said...

Thanks, Amy!

Thanks, Tonia! Wow! I didn't know you lived in this area that long. I think I will be happy when spring comes too! Chris wants to know if we can buy one of your baby goats and/or a mom and baby when they are ready. Will you be selling any?

~Tonia said...

Yeah lots of history over there for us..
I will be selling babies. They arent due for another 10 days. I wont have any moms for sale though. I am only keeping 2 doelings, some wethers for meat, a buckling is traded out all other babies will be sold. So yeah when you all are ready and babies are born!! :)

~Tonia said...

And my email is on my profile so when you all are ready just send me an email!